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Date: 2001-05-27 19:37:00 UTC
Subject: Chronic diarrhea

Does anyone know the cause, or more importantly the cure, of/for
chronic diarrhea?

I have two of my 5 ferrets seem to have diarrhea on and off. One's
had it for over a year, the other just started last month (April).
My vet has tried Amoxi, some other anti-biotic that I can't remember
the name of, with Gastro-coat. This seems to help for a couple of
weeks, and then the diarrhea is back.

Usually they have normal bowel movements for a couple of days, and
then out of the blue it will be running again. The color is
typically normal, but has been yellow, red, and green (different
movements). Then it becomes normal again for a few days.

Could this be some impossible to get rid of ECE, or something else?
Both could use a teeth cleaning (which my vet doesn't want to do
while they have this problem), could this be a contributing factor?
I'm going back to the vets after the holidays, but would like some
new ideas for my vet to consider. If you have any, please let me
know. Thanks.



Note: The name comes from my game-playing style in Quake III.