Message Number: YG405 | New FHL Archives Search
From: Brett Middleton
Date: 2001-02-28 14:41:00 UTC
Subject: New links in Bookmarks area

I have just added a few health-related links that I hope many of you
will find useful.

A couple of indexes to ferret health info on the Web:

A couple of links to information on veterinary drugs. These give a
great deal of information on dosages, effects, contraindications, etc.
(Unfortunately, most of it is dog/cat oriented, but maybe somebody will
take the hint and do a ferret version? B-)

Links to online medical/veterinary dictionaries, so you can learn to
talk just like Dr. W. (Or at least understand him a little better. B-)
Note that the vet dictionary also covers abbreviations and handy
measurement conversions.

A link to the National Animal Poison Control Center:

A link to a company offering veterinary medical insurance. Note that
they do not currently have ferret coverage, but are planning to add it
in the near future (see their FAQ page):

Have fun!


*SLMW 1.0* Ferrets: Drugs would be cheaper, but not as much fun.