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From: Joy Galey
Date: 2001-05-28 00:12:00 UTC
Subject: How can I tell if its a cold or not.

Hi my name is Joy. I'm new to the list and have a question about my
ferrets. I have been a ferret owner and lover for 3years now and up to
this point I have been lucky that my little ones haven't had any
problems. My little ones seem to have a cold. I started noticing this
yesterday. My older one started sneezing alot during the morning and
through out the day. The middle one also started in the afternoon with
the same systoms. I kept my eye on them but they didn't seem to get any
worse. I was woke up this morning about 5am with my older one making
some kind of hacking noise (the only way I can explain the sound). I
have been watching them all day and it seems to me they have a cold.
They sneeze alot, sounds like their noises are stopped-up and I can tell
it bugs them to breathe when they lay down to sleep. I also notice that
they breathe threw thier mouth when they lay down, so I seem to think it
drys his throat out and that what is making him do this hacking noise.
The older one is the worse. The middle one hasn't made this noise yet
but he still seems to sneeze and have a stopped-up noise. The baby
doesn't seem to be effect at all right now. They still drink, eat and
play normal. I wanted to know if anybody could tell me if this is a cold
or not. Is it something I should be really worried about? Is there
anything I can do for them to help them any? If it is a cold is there
anything I can give them for it? I heard that antihistamine product
Chlor-Trimeton may be used at 1/4 tablet 2 times daily for sneezing that
may interfere with sleeping or eating. Has anybody used this? I know
they should go to a vet but I can't afford it right now. :O( If this
is something urgent that needs taken care of I will find away. Any help
will be welcome :O)