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From: katharine
Date: 2001-05-28 07:21:00 UTC
Subject: Think Allergies

One thing I do when one of my little ones starts
sneezing bunches is think about what's going on
with me at the time. Many times, we are in the
midst of allergy season (It seems to never end
here. Tallahassee (Florida) is considered one of
the worst areas in the U.S. for allergies).
Bingo! Lany is my worst. She will start that dry
hacking cough that sounds like she is trying to
cough something up. I will give her Laxastat a
couple of times to see if that helps. If she is
still hacking, I will give her about 0.1-0.2ml of
Benadryl once or twice. So far, in her 6+ years,
that has done the trick every time.