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Date: 2001-05-28 05:55:00 UTC
Subject: Opinion on Using FerretRx from MF


I have a bottle of Rx that has been in the ferrets medical bag. I
have never
used this product. I thought it would be a good investment. I do
like the
advise of a vet on any health issues. My second kit had a bad upper

respiratory problem when I bought him. I actually bought him
because the
store was not making any attempt on taking him to the vet. I knew I
get the medical attention needed. He is very healthy now.

What are some opinions on this product? When my ferrets have had
sneezing, I look at all aspects that could have contributed. The
room a
little cooler, did I sweep the floor in their room that day or day
Or just changes in their environment the previous days before. I
would look
at the bottle and decide instead of adding additional medicines that
I am not
sure of in their bodies to boost up with some additional
electrolytes, wash
bedding, mop their floor, clean everything they are in contact with,
and have
a lazy snuggling day. This has worked for me in the past.

Just wondering about this product. Thank you for your information.

NeeJa and the MOD's (Masters of Disaster)