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From: Bev Toney
Date: 2001-05-28 10:42:00 UTC
Subject: Signs of distemper, But its not?

I have three Marshall Farms Ferrets. One was a rescue female, age
unknown(Miss Kitty). Two were bought at a pet store age about 8
months now(male-Bubba, female-Oddball). We recently had a stray dog
in the house with distemper. The dog had to be put down. But then
the 8 months old male started showin signs of illness(runny nose and
ears, thick callous like growths on feet and ears, and #1 sign of a
sick ferret he didn't want to play). We took all to the vet. The two
females were given shots for distemper, Bubba was given antibiotics
and a decongestant. Tests were ran for fungus, mitesand even some
kind of biopsy was taken, but nothing abnormal was found. Miss Kitty
then got sick and the Vet put her on the same medication. She died 2
week later. Bubba then entered the hospital. After 4 weeks of
constant care and medication, he got better. Thanks to the love and
cring of one special vet and his whole staff. He's back to the old
Bubba, no foot is safe in the house. The only sign of anything wrong
is a bald tail. Oddball has not shown any signs of illness at
amytime. Out of curiosity the Vet and I both would like to find out
what happened. Would anyone have any ideas? Thank you for your time.