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From: Maryi Mauney
Date: 2001-05-28 14:07:00 UTC
Subject: More info on foot and question about bruise?

Hello again,

Just to give a little more info on my earlier post. Nozy seems
to be doing fine with her foot. It is still swollen and
bruised on the bottom but, she doesn't favor her right foot
any more than the left. So I am still needing info on what I
should do about this.

My next question is about my blaze ferret. She has a white
belly and I noticed something that can either be a bruise or a
vein. I feel stupid asking this but, it is bothering me. She
has not done anything that would have caused the bruise. So I
feel like I am over-reacting. She is acting fine and poops are
great. So I am sure it is nothing but, can you see the veins
on one's belly when they start to get fat? Just curious.
Thanks again for the help and I will be waiting for some

Maryi, Streaker & Nozy