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From: katharine
Date: 2001-05-28 15:38:00 UTC
Subject: Dyne

I was just talking to a fellow wildlife rehabber
and we were talking about things we use for
animals who are in a bad way. I mentioned Dyne
(same as Stat??) as I have seen that a number of
you use it for your ferrets. I bought some
recently thinking I could use it if Champ goes on
one of his hunger strikes during the weekend, as
they tend to do <g>.

My friend has used it and hasn't seen any positive
results from it. No negative results either; just
no results. I had the same experience when I used
it with a couple of "failure to thrive" opossum
babies recently. I added it to their formula. I
saw no results either. I am looking for increased
energy, weight gain, and a general reversal of
their current condition.

What type of results have you seen with Dyne? How
do you know it's the Dyne that did the trick? I
don't think it's harmful in any way. I'm just
curious whether it really does any good. Maybe
just for moderate problems? Someone recently
mentioned that they add it to their chicken gravy
recipe. On the bottle, it says "High Calorie
Liquid Diet and Dietary Supplement". "Provides
maximum nutritional requirements with a minimum
strain on the organis of digestion in a highly
palatable liquid diet form". This sounds like
something you would use on a compromised animal,
not a healthy one. BTW, the first ingredient is

Always trying to learn.