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From: Alexis and Jason
Date: 2001-05-28 18:23:00 UTC
Subject: orange scaley stuff

my little girl, zoe-pez, so-named for her pez-head,
has developed several patches of orange crusty stuff
on her skin. she has lost her fur on these spots.
they are small and mostly on her chin. there is one
on her back. also, she has lost the fur on the front
of both of her front legs. the strips are about 1 1/2
inch long and 1/2 inch wide. there is no crusty
on her legs. she is in otherwise great health, is
about 6 months old, and exhibits no pain or reaction
at all when touching these spots. I did check on
ferret central and the answer is pretty non-specific
so I wanted to see if anyone here had any ideas. she
shares her home with 6 other ferts and none of them
have this.


Alexis Thonen

"Take my hand cause we're walking out of here..."

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