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Date: 2001-05-28 19:47:00 UTC
Subject: Fractured leg bone

I am posting in hopes that (very sorry that you have)if you have gone
through what has started for us today.You may help through experience.
Last week we lost (he died very quickly) one of our 6 month old males.
Cause undetermined,he could not breath.In the upheaval of Bandit's
loss,his also 6 month old brother Rascal escaped.We could not find him
for three days.He returned home Saturday nite on his own.Unfortunately
in his travels,someone thought nothing of hitting him with such force.
his front left leg is fractured in two places.I spoke to our vet on
Sat. upon Rascal's return and was told to wait until today (monday)
He was X-rayed this morning and thats when we found out how bad it is.
Apparently without any other option this fracture has to be plated
to mend properly.The cost of this operation is 1000. Unfortunately
this is not an option for us.I have asked about any other alternative
I could think of, this is not life threatening,he will mend,he will
never be 100% on that leg again obviously.I really don't want to
settle for this prognosis.Isn't there another answer besides
1000. I DON'T have?
How have any of you fuzzy lovers who cared enough to stop and read
this and who have gone through or have knowledge on,gotten through
this ? and with what outcome? are there any other options to mend a
double fracture like this?
Thank You in advance for your help.
Fran,Rascal and Jingles