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Date: 2001-05-28 21:58:00 UTC
Subject: RE: [Ferret-Health-list] Fractured leg bone

> I am posting in hopes that (very sorry that you have)if you have gone
> through what has started for us today.You may help through experience.
> Last week we lost (he died very quickly) one of our 6 month old males.
> Cause undetermined,he could not breath.In the upheaval of Bandit's
> loss,his also 6 month old brother Rascal escaped.We could not
> Fran,Rascal and Jingles
Dear Fran,
Unfortunately I have been in a similar situation. You haven't said exactly
how bad the fractures are, and whether the bones are still aligned or not. I
did have one rescue that I was told had to have internal fixation done and
could not afford. (the previous month I had had a ferret break both leg
bones and had the $1000 fixation....when it rains it pours) Anyhow, we wound
up casting Lorien's leg instead of the surgery. She did just fine, never
chewing at it and hobbling after everyone with her cast. It really depends
on the severity of the break, but I think ferrets do better in casts than
most vets expect them to... A drasitic solution if the fracture is severe
and you can't afford the internal fixation I guess would be to amputate the
leg. Better that then losing him....Good luck.