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Date: 2001-05-28 22:17:00 UTC
Subject: Worried about new baby

I know that I may be a bit paranoid right now. I just lost the last
of my ferrets to lymphosarcoma. Last week I took in a 12 week old
baby. He is so amazing, but I have noticed that he drinks a lot of
water, or at least I do not remember my other ferrets drinking as
much and he drinks more than any of my 10 cats or dog. The other
thing is that his coat seems a bit sparse. Actually I brought him to
the clinic where I volunteer the day I got him, not for a check up,
but to show him off and someone commented on his coat. My vet and I
joked about the fact that it is a lot better than what I am used to,
as Woolf battled bilateral adrenal gland for 5 years. My other two
ferrets went through unilateral adrenal gland surgeries too.
The only thing that I did when I brought him in on thursday was bring
in a fecal, as I did not have an appointment. My vet did handle him
and checked his teeth etc., but he will have a full physical on
Wednesday. His fecal came back negative. Is it unusual for a baby to
drink a lot? Is there a possibility of a kidney problem? He seems
relatively active and has a good appetite.
Thank you for listening to a paranoid mom.