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From: Lynn Siegel
Date: 2001-02-19 16:06:00 UTC
Subject: Florida is burning

Wild fires are again starting to burn out of control in FL. The last few
days the smoke from a fire burning in Polk Co, about 70 miles or so away has
been hanging over us. Thankfully the wind is suppose to change by tomorrow
& take most of the smoke away from us.

It is very dry here in FL & this year is going to be very bad with wild
fires. They already are burning in other counties. It is scary, especially
when you have animals to take care of. Even if you are not going to have a
problem like this or won't have to evacuate for a hurricane, this is
probably a good time to plan ahead. Think about how you will leave your
area if you have to. How you can quickly get yourself & pets out. Know
ahead of time where you will go & what you will do with your pets. If you
take them with & plan on staying at a motel/hotel, find out now which ones
accept pets. If you have extra carriers get them ready with everything you
will need. Pack an emergency bag with all of the info on yourself & pets.
If you can take pictures of all of them to carry along do so in case
something happens. Write down numbers of family or friends that will take
your pets & keep a copy with you.

Since litter may take up needed room, stock up on a small supply of
newspapers to use as litter. If any of your pets are on medication, get
extra & keep it with your "escape" supplies. Pack a extra first aid kit for
yourself & pets. Plan on how you will pack your vehicle ahead of time to
get the maximum use of space. Make sure you have enough food to last a few
days, especially the food your ferrets eat, you might not be able to get any
along the way.

As for your yard, make sure that there isn't allot of leaves, etc laying
around. Get rid of anything that could burn. Keep hoses & buckets ready.
Ladders if you have them so you can hose your roof, or sheds or whatever.
Remember it isn't just fire that kills, smoke will do it to. If you have
health problems don't wait until it is too late to leave, get out as soon as
you can..

I am sure that I am forgetting something here & maybe others have more
ideas, more experience they can share. It is just important that you plan
ahead as best you can while you are thinking straight & don't wait until you
are in a panic.

Lynn & Clan War Weasels