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Date: 2001-02-28 06:43:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Stinky ears

Hi, :0)
First off I'm hoping someone with more medical experience and more education
has some answers for you...if it were me, I would fear that something is
going on there with the history of ear infections.
As far as how I can help? Well as soon as you said you use Sheppard and
Green ear wash I perked up. I don't want to slam them...they are a great
company. the ear wash is a very good one. BUT I had no luck whatsoever with
that stuff "deoderizing" or neutilizing ear odor whatsoever. They'd smell
like "medicine" for a day after cleaning.. and then ick again. I switched
ear washes, and we've had no problems ever since. YOu have to pick one that
really smells nice to you. We happened to switch to "Vet.'s Best Herbal Ear
Wash.... the gentle aroma of cloves stays with them for days and days. Then
their ears smell like "nothing" for a bit. Its been great. We've never had
a case of ear mites, and never had an ear infection ::Knock wood::. Hope
this helps.

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