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Date: 2001-05-29 14:10:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Ferret with a broken leg

Our hyperactive ferret, Nala, somehow managed to break her front leg. It was
a complete break. You could see the "bump" caused by the end of the broken
bone sticking out at an angle under the skin. The leg appeared to have two
knees when she walked. Our normal vet was on vacation, so we tried a local
vet. She put on a cast on Nala's leg that didn't last 10 minutes. In fact
Nala removed it before we left the office. The second cast lasted one day.
The third cast about the same.

By that time our regular vet returned. He put on a fairly heavy cast/splint,
well taped into place, and he promised us that it wouldn't last out the week.
It actually held about 10 days, which was truly amazing (you have to know
Nala to appreciate that). After that we agreed with our vet to see how well
she did without a cast, and to try to keep her calm and off the stairs,
chairs, futon, cages, TV cabinet, etc. Ha! We both had a big laugh at that.
(He knows Nala well.) He didn't believe that surgery was a good option, Na
la being nearly 8 years old.

Nala limped around for about a week, then less and less every day. Today she
dashes though the house like nothing has happened. The dashing includes
leaping objects in a single bound, climbing 6 ft high cages and scaling the

Dick B.