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Date: 2001-05-29 20:03:00 UTC
Subject: something besides insulinoma??

Hello to All
I am looking for opinions on the following:
Approx 4yr old non marshall spayed female presenting with some
classic signs of insulinoma: glazed eyes, weakness in hind end,
glucose of 23 after 6hr fast. ( Wouldn't that low a glucose be almost
comatose? She was alert and active at the time of testing.)
Diagnosis was, of course, insulinoma. Treatment begun with Pred.
Seemed to respond well enough. 3 weeks after pred started, she
rejected her food (did not change it, she just wouldn't eat it
anymore) tried softening, warming, etc - still refused. Did get her
to eat A/D mixed with Simulac and Ferretone thru a syringe for 2 days
at 4 hour intervals. She started to eat the same on her own the 3rd
day, and gradually went back to TF. Fine for 3 weeks, then refused
her TF again. SAme ritual with the A/D, etc. Now eating just a/d
with Ferretone with a great appetite. Still turning up her nose to
anything else. I'm still hiding her Pred in the mix.
Her stools a very loose, sometimes mucousy,and very foul smelling.
They are light brown in color (about the same as the a/d before it's
eaten) nothing dark or tarry, and no bright blood, either.
She is gaining a little weight, and is more active than I have ever
seen her - but I just got her in February, with no medical history,
what so ever. Someone had just dropped her at a local "petting zoo",
for lack of a better term - they actually do wonderful work there
with unwanted exotics.
We have a vet visit scheduled for next week for a repeat glucose, and
a CBC. Nothing I have read seems to fit quite right, so I am kindly
asking for opinions of what we may be facing. There has been no
undo stress, restriction from food or water, no exposure to ECE, no
forgien body gumming things up, no "junk food"... ( I realize that
the simulac would cause runny stools, but that is no longer in the
mix, and hasn't been for several days now - and she doesn't get but a
drop or 2 of ferretone with her a/d) and even a day of no ferretone
doesn't make a difference.
Any thoughts, ideas, constructive critisms are more than welcome!!
Thank you all, so much, for being there.
The FuzzButt Hut