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Date: 2001-02-28 10:32:00 UTC
Subject: obtaining ferret urine

Hi all--
Deb wrote:
>This summer he was diagnosed with having e-coli in his bladder. It took two
regimes of
>antibiotics to clear this up. He has been good for three months and now the
symptoms are back.
Sukie wrote:
>What about them collecting urine and culturing the bacteria?

Here's how I collected urine when Merlin needed to be tested:
I obtained a syringe from my vet (with needle).
I covered the inside of a very shallow tray with clear plastic wrap and
placed the tray in a corner where Merlin likes to go. As soon as he was
finished, I took him out and drew up the urine in the syringe, then placed it
in a clean container. It worked really well.
Good luck...