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From: Joy Galey
Date: 2001-05-30 15:26:00 UTC
Subject: What do I do?

I was just wondering, is it harder to train females? I have 2 older
males and our first was an angel from the start and our 2nd male was a
handfull when we first got him but he learn the rules pretty quick. Both
my males know when they are in trouble but my new baby female seems to
be a hard head. No matter what we do we seem not to get through to her.
She is sooooo full of energy. I never seen a ferret go so much as she
does. Then when we try to play with her it gets her even more worked up.
She's only about 5/6 months old. I've come up with some crazy ways to
punish her to see if I can find anything that will effect her, letting
her know she did wrong but everything ends up being a game to her. Her
energy I can deal with but the getting very rough with playing and
biting has to stop. I know she's not doing it to be mean. I still don't
want her thinking its allowed.. My boys know better. Thier very good
when they play. They know the diffence between playing with us and each
other. Can anyone give me tips how to deal with her? Or am I to expect
this all the time with her?

Just to give an update, it seems it was just a cold my boys had. I was
going to call the vet yesterday to get them in but it was closed and
that was the only vet near that takes care of ferrets. As the day went
on yesterday I noticed that the symptoms was going away and today they
seem alomst 100% again. I want to say thanks to everyone and all the
help I got. It really helped us out here.

Thanks Again!!!