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From: Brett Middleton
Date: 2001-02-28 15:54:00 UTC
Subject: Strange postsurgical reaction

I'm not going to go into Pogey's strange medical history at this point,
since I'm still waiting for the necropsy report and hoping that it will
clear up many mysteries. But there is one aspect that may be unrelated
to whatever else was wrong: her very unusual response to fairly minor

In early June of 2000 she had a bilateral adrenalectomy, which she
handled without problem, except that she stopped eating kibble about a
week later and I had to spoon-feed Chicken Gravy for about a month.

In early August, a couple of weeks after she started eating kibble
again, the vet removed a small epithelioma from her shoulder. Just a
quick zap of the laser and a couple of stitches. For the first 48
hours after surgery she was a little subdued, but eating and pooping
normally. Suddenly she shifted into extreme overdrive -- constantly in
motion, unable to stand still long enough to eat much, though she would
visit the food dish and then run away with a mouthful that she dropped
along her trail. She didn't seem to be in any pain, and I could touch
and clean her incision without protest. If she slept at all, I don't
know when, because she sure kept *me* awake the whole time. This went
on for about 48 h. before she exhausted herself. At this point she
stopped eating again, and I went back to spoon feeding. (She never did
eat kibble again during her remaining months, but did gain weight and
regain much of her energy.)

In mid December the vet removed a small mammary hyperplasia. This was
benign, but with some precancerous cells and some milk. (I'm guessing
the necropsy will show that an adrenal remnant had started growing
again.) The same thing happened: 48 h. of relative normality,
followed by 48 h. of frantic, non-stop activity, followed by exhausted
collapse. This time she stopped eating entirely, and I had to go to
syringe feeding. She continued losing weight and sinking into
lethargy, until I finally had to let her go.

So, what caused these strange bursts of hyperactivity? I don't think I
can blame the anesthetic, since she was put under so many times for
radiology, ultrasound, tracheal washes, etc. and never had a problem.
There were no other indicators of something wrong: no vomiting, normal
poops, no crying, no attention paid to the incisions, no fever, etc.
Any ideas? Anything I could or should have done about it other than
let it run its course?


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