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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-05-30 20:02:00 UTC
Subject: need duct tape to tie her down...

... naw, it would not work to slow down Seven.

Seven of Six is bouncing off the walls wanting to be extremely active
after her right adrenal surgery with the growth actually grown into
the Vena Cava (not just on it). That was 5 days ago when 60 to 70%
of the growth came out. A third of the incision is completely closed
already; she heals marvelously.

At this point we wait and see what happens -- beyond her being bored
with just having one small room and small toys in that for a few more
days. She wants to dash and drag around objects 4 times her size.

If the growth starts up again, which is possible, she will have
hopefully by then had time to develop good enough collateral
circulation to ligate the Vena Cava safely (which will make her third
adrenal surgery). Pathology isn't back, yet, but they are expecting
it to be an adenoma so at least that way it will be one of the benign