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From: katharine
Date: 2001-05-30 20:41:00 UTC
Subject: Answers or Not

I've posed a couple of questions lately and
thought I would share the response(s) I
received...or didn't.

I asked how to make Champ's soup smoother as it is
lumpy using the dry and canned K/D (as opposed to
their regular kibble and A/D). Tara was nice
enough to forward my question to someone off-list
who suggested that I eliminate the dry and just
use canned! Well, Duh! A slap on my forehead for
failing to think of that!! My next batch will use
all canned.

Someone else commented on my use of canola oil in
Champ's soup, and the health problems associated
with it. This is a new one on me. I researched
it on the Internet and kept seeing this one
article over and over with all of these
spectacular health problems that canola oil has
supposedly caused. I've asked for some
documentation as I don't want to give it to Champ,
or use it myself, if it's a health hazard. I
haven't been able to find anything. If anyone can
help here, please respond to me off-list since
we're probably getting a tad bit off-topic (that
is, unless others use canola oil in their soup).
I'll also post any information that I receive (if
the moderators allow it).

I asked about Dyne and haven't had any responses.
I haven't seen any improvements using it on
wildlife babies and am curious what positive
results you Dyne users have seen in your ferrets.
Perhaps it is more effective on an animal who is
not quite as compromised as some of the wildlife
we get in. I originally got it for Champ in case
he goes on one of his hunger strikes on a
weekend. I would still probably use it with him
if he quit eating. I'm thinking it's probably
supposed to be used temporarily, to boost a
weakened or ill animal, not as an on-going thing.

Miss Emma (Squirt) is still doing great. You
would never know she had surgery last Friday
(spay). I hope I don't forget to take her
stitches out (just kidding, I have it written
down...she will get her last distemper shot on the
same day).

Then, Champ has to have bloodwork yet again soon.
And, Lany has two growths, at least one of which I
suspect is a mast cell tumor. She's had them
before. I prefer to have them removed.

<sigh> Does it ever end?