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From: Amy and Jim Robbin
Date: 2001-05-31 07:52:00 UTC
Subject: Ferret Incontinence

Hi folks. I have a 4.5 yo, 3 1/2 pound male ferret, breeder
unknown. I've owned the ferret since he was six weeks old.
Anyway he had a check up two weeks ago, everything is fine but
his BG is 70. He's been a little on the lethargic side as

Twice this week I noticed that he had urine on his belly. The
first time I didn't get too concerned I thought maybe he
dragged his fat belly through a puddle. This morning we were
playing the "make the bed" and "tickle the belly" game when I
noticed it again.

This incontinence is not something I can remember reading
about anywhere, any insights?