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Date: 2001-05-30 23:53:00 UTC
Subject: RE: [Ferret-Health-list] Galaxy?

Claire, I much prefer galaxy to fervac, though I have had
reactions to both, but MUCH higher incidence with Fervac. I
vaccinate a couple of my guys with Fervac if I know they are
going to AFA shows, since they will not accept galaxy- not
happy about it, and it reduces the number of animals I take to
their shows. I any case I ALWAYS premedicate with benadryl
elixir prior to vaccination. Since I do my own vaccinations, I
also have epinephrine, injectible benadryl and dexamethasone
ready. As in loaded in synringes, and ready to use. And, yes,
I've had to use them...NO FUN. I also try to do it during
hours I know my vet is around, and am considering getting an
oxygen tank for emergencies. Can you tell this is not my
favorite thing?
From: ferretfanatic []

Galaxy is the only distemper vaccine I will allow my ferrets
to have due to reactions to Fervac-D. I haven't had any
reactions using Galaxy.
Claire Curtis wrote:
Hi --
My guys should be vaccinated for distemper in the next
month or so. I
asked the vet I went to for rabies vaccinations about
reactions to
Fervac, and in the course of the conversation he mentioned
that he
thinks that another vaccine, Galaxy, has a lower incidence
of reactions.
However, it is not approved for ferrets.