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Date: 2001-05-22 17:07:53 UTC
Subject: Re: biting - letting go

I know I am way behind on my digests but I had to ask a question here. My
husband and I have reptiles and I know with them the smell of alcohol makes
them let go when biting. I had a kingsnake attached to my finger and
wrapped around my hand and what I did was to get a qtip soaked in alcohol
(rubbing alcohol) and just barely dabbed it on his nose. He let go
immediately. Would something like this work on a ferret?

I also have an ECE question. Troy Lynn helped me pull my ferrets through
ECE about 3 yrs ago. Two yrs ago all 4 of my ferrets died when I moved to
Wichita. Would I still be considered an ECE positive house even 2 yrs after
the original ferrets are gone? The reason I ask this is because I adopted a
girl about a month ago and she is now having the occasional green slimy
poops that I know comes with ECE. Did I give this to her by bringing her
into my home and did I make a mistake on adopting her and putting her
through this? Her only symptom is the abnormal poops, she's still eating
and frisky, and I believe I still have all the info that Troy Lynn sent to
me last time (thanks!!!!). I know what's done is done so I will just take
the best care of her that I can, but I'm really wondering if this stuff
stuck around for the past two yrs?

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From: Troy Lynn Eckart <sprite@k...>

Uh uhm... I think I might be able to offer some tips here. Some of you
may already know that I work with severe biters, I am indeed the last
stop for these little ones.

First rule, never jerk away when bitten as this will cause tearing of your
flesh. I know, jerking is automatic. You'll need to think before acting