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From: Christopher
Date: 2001-06-01 05:11:00 UTC
Subject: Duck soup, Canola Oil and Answers or Not

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., katharine <shurcool@i...> wrote:
> I've posed a couple of questions lately and
> thought I would share the response(s) I
> received...or didn't.
> Someone else commented on my use of canola oil in
> Champ's soup, and the health problems associated
> with it. This is a new one on me. I researched
> it on the Internet and kept seeing this one
> article over and over with all of these
> spectacular health problems that canola oil has
> supposedly caused. I've asked for some
> documentation as I don't want to give it to Champ,
> or use it myself, if it's a health hazard. I
> haven't been able to find anything. If anyone can
> help here, please respond to me off-list since
> we're probably getting a tad bit off-topic (that
> is, unless others use canola oil in their soup).
> I'll also post any information that I receive (if
> the moderators allow it).
> Katharine

Just wanted to say, if anyone does have any documentation on canola
posing a health hazard to ferts or even something about humans, (as
long as it is factual and not just opinion) I for one would welcome
the topic on the list. I am concerned by it's being a man made
genetic mutation of rapeseed and wouldn't use it myself.. but I'm
paranoid about food colour and all of the manmade stuff that goes
into our and our ferret's food.

I apologize Katharine, I need to go back and read what you wrote
originally and may even find the answer there. But what is the
function of canola oil in your soup? What is it adding? I think I
would rather err on the side of caution myself here. I have two
ferret soup recipes on hand and neither is calling for canola.

1 can science diet a/d
1 jar gerber chicken or turkey baby food, stage 2
3/4 of the baby food jar pedialyte (adjust for consistancy)
Optionally add
Ferretzyme Plus - increased digestability
Ensure plus, Deliver, Sustacal etc (pick one)
heavy cream (up to 1/2 teaspoon) for increased fat content

recipe number two
8oz sustecal, deliver 2.0, similac or ensure plus (pick one)
8oz water (that's how it's written, I'd use pedialyte)
2 scoops kitten milk replacement
4oz totally ferret soaked until soft
3tbs nutrical or ferretone

Recipe number one works very well.
Recipe number two is on the back of a ferret health record form which
came from exotic pet records in dallas TX and I have no experience
with it. In both cases I can see what the ingredients are supposed to
provide though.

Lastly, is this the one article you keep finding over and over? It
alone is enough to give me pause.... though much of it is opinion and
I've not checked the facts.. there is enough there to make me look

From my own perspective, canola oil is made from geneticly altered
rapeseed. Rapeseed, before it was altered, was a toxic plant and
source for pesticide. I don't think I want to give myself or my fert
something that is naturally occuring as a toxin and that man has
altered. Thanks for bringing this up though.. I'm definitely digging