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Date: 2001-06-01 01:14:00 UTC

Hi, I had the most awful experience of my life today. My youngest
ferret "Godiva" who is only five months old had a vaccine reaction to
fervac. Thank god i work at a vaterinary hospital because as soon as
i noticed we treated her. We gave her her fervac and then we gave my
oldest his rabies vac. and by the time we were done with that I
looked at her and her skin was so red it looked like a cartoon. I
have never been so scared in my life. She wasn't breathing that
great, she had no control of bodily functions ( diarrhea was just
pouring out of her I have never seen anything like it in my whole
life.)It took about three hours of working on her to stabilize her.
We gave her dexamethasone injections, she was on oxygen, catheter and
fluids,etc.Her temperature was all the way down to 93 degrees which
i'm sure everyone knows is extremely daangerous and low. Then the
scariest thing happened bloody diarrhea started pouring out of her,
vomited blood etc. She is now at home with me and looking a little
better my question is she still has bloody diarrhea my doctor told me
it will take a good 48 hours for her to be back to her normal self. I
have one doctor tellingme that next year we will pretreat her with
benadryl. The other doctor ( her normal doctor ) said that we
shouldn't vaccinate her anymore (whichy is what i was thinking). I
would like other doctor's opinion on this. The main doctor that i use
for my fuzzies said that she has seen alot of vaccine reactions in
pets but nothing like this, at one point we thought we were gonna
lose her.If anyone has an opion on this please contact me and if you
would like anymore info feel free to email is jaxiod@a...