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Date: 2001-06-01 00:23:00 UTC
Subject: Pooping Problems

My kids, are 2 1/2 Years (male; Kujo) 8 months (female; Kodi) and 5
(female; Klaire). And I really, really need to know how I can make
them poop
in the litter box. My room is smelling sooo bad. I think I have
been using
a whole bottle of Febreeze about every week. I mean what can I do?
I love
my babies, and they have been able to run as they please, but they
are just
not catching on to the potty training tricks... Please help.

Also, I too have a little one who bites... She does the lick, lick
thingy and I tried some of the techniques that were suggested to the
lady/man and they hadn't worked, like talking softly and making sure
that she
had hurt me... It didn't phase her. She still crawls in bed and
makes a
meal out of our toes... If you can give me ANY advice on what to do
both of these situations, I would be VERY appreciative.

Thank You ALL!
Margie, Joseph, Kodi, Kujo & Klaire