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From: G Kelley
Date: 2001-02-28 16:44:00 UTC
Subject: re infected prostate

I'd like to thank everyone who responded with such excellent
advise regarding Murphy, the ferret with the e-coli infection
in his prostrate. I would not of thought of adrenal as the
problem at all! As soon as his antibiotic regime is finished,
he will go in for adrenal surgery. I am taking the info from
the list to the vet (he's a great vet always looking for new
info on ferts)for his information too. By the way, a urine
culture was done on Murphy, hence the e-coli diagnoses.
On a personal note, I just want to say this list is wonderful.
With all the "hats" I wear within our club, I just don't have
the time to skim through the FML for health related
I would like permission to use helpful information found on
this list in our newsletters. Credit will be given to the
source of information.
deb aka ferretqueen