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From: katharine
Date: 2001-06-01 06:13:00 UTC
Subject: Canola Oil Again

I didn't finish answering all of your questions.
That is a different article than the one I kept
seeing. I don't have time to look for it right
now but it dealt with all of these bizarre medical
problems people experienced after being exposed to
rapeseed/canola oil. It was so outrageous that I
could only attribute it to urban legend, much as
Febreeze killing animals left and right.

I personally wouldn't use KMR (kitten milk
replacer) in my ferrets' soup. It is not the best
milk replacer for ferrets. If you must use a
replacer, you should use Esbilac, which is a puppy
milk replacer. It is the Peg-Ag product
recommended for ferrets. Actually, a ferret
doesn't need any milk replacer at all unless it's
a baby. Be careful of overloading with calcium.
Just my opinion.

I don't get too excited about these genetically
altered, man-made products. They're all around us
and there's not much way to avoid them. There are
always people who cry "wolf" when any new product
comes out. I don't think we ingest enough of
these types of things to do irreparable damage.
If, down the road, I find that something I use is
harmful, I discontinue its use. That may not be
the best way to live my life (or for my ferrets)
but I just don't worry about it. I eat in
restaurants where I have little clue about
ingredients or preparation. I consume soft drinks
with artificial sweeteners....I can go on and on.
Just call me "devil may care" <g>.