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From: Mike Janke
Date: 2001-06-01 07:01:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Help with infected ferret toe

Get her to the vet today. Don't wait until Tuesday. I think it's
pretty safe to say that this is one case where you don't need any
special ferret knowledge so any vet at your clinic can handle
treating an infection.


--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., "Dianna Saenz" <diobrn@s...> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Don't know if you remember I am the one that had the
accidental miss
> with the clippers and my Gingers nail got pulled out ? Well it
looks like
> there is a partial nail, but it looks like it is infected, the toe
> swollen and red and the pad is slightly peeling. I would think it
would be
> painful, but she only has a problem if you touch it. It looks like
it needs
> to be I&D'ed, but I can't get to our regular fuzzie vet until at the
> earliest Tuesday because he is out of town and his associates are
not so
> versed with the ferts. I guess, my main question is, can it wait,
I just
> noticed yesterday that it was swollen and pus filled looking. She
is acting
> fine and maybe a little sluggish, but playing with the others
without any
> problem. Do they get septic fast? Is this an emergency type thing
or do we
> think we can hold out provided it doesn't look any worse. I was
> about trying to wrap it in a warm soak tonight and see if that
might help.
> Is there anything I could give her ? Waiting to hear.... Thanks
> advance.....
> Dianna & The Animal House