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Date: 2001-06-01 07:38:00 UTC
Subject: Drinking too much water?

I just got a baby ferret last week. He is about 13 weeks now, and so
cute. I was wondering how much water is normal for him to drink? He
seems to drink a lot compared to what I was use to with my last
ferrets. I just measured what he drank from his water bottle in 24
hours and it was just over 100 cc's of water. This does not include
the water which he drinks outside the cage. Mikey spends a good part
of the day loose. His coat is a bit sparse, but I am hoping this is
just due to season change. His stools still are not fully formed,
but a fecal was sent off and it came back negative. I am now trying
to switch him over to Totally Ferret. My vet did say we could send
off a urine, but decided to wait a bit. He is very active and has a
good appetite .
Any help would be appreciated.
Steph and Mikey