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Date: 2001-06-01 03:51:00 UTC
Subject: Tennessee Panel problems

For the collective docs on the list:

I had written earlier about one of the shelter ferrets exhibiting aggressive
mating behavior and had taken him to the vet to have blood drawn for a
Tennessee Panel. I was told that it should take a week or so for the results
to come back.

Now I know better. Apparently, the powers-that-be running this test have
decided that they only run it on the third monday of each month. Since my
blood test arrived on the tuesday after the third monday, I have to wait
until June 18th before they even look at Timon's blood and run the test.
Needless to say, I'm a little torqued about this. I decided to cancel the
test and we are just going to do exploratory/adrenalectomy next thursday -
based on what I believe is a situation that just can't wait another 4 weeks.
Is this type of behavior typical of testing companies? I can assure anyone on
this board that I will *never* recommend this test again. Ever. Its expensive
for one thing ($100) and the seeming lack of concern infuriates me.

Yes I'm angry - and I believe I have a right to be. Its one thing for a test
to be used as a rule out, its another to have it performed in a timely

I've enclosed a picture of the behavior that Timon exhibits - thats Pumba the
silver on the bottom.

Lisa Leidig, Head Ferret
The Ferret Haven "By-the-Sea"

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