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Date: 2001-06-01 04:32:00 UTC
Subject: RE: Nupro formula change?

I think it's very important to know the answer here. Nupro is used by
many breeders, and many shelters. If there is a change for better or worse
we need to know. If there is a quality problem in your particular item you
need to know. Perhaps we all need to know in fact, so as to be reminded to
be observant of what we offer our ferrets each day.
I hope someone has some answers here. I love the product and use it
often. I can't explain it.... but it was told to me by a private breeder and
shelter that since they used it they have had less uri's. Well we began
using it this winter. As god as my witness.... we've yet to have a cold.
And my ferrets always got them. Also it seemed to increase their appetites,
and most of mine needed that. :)


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