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From: Maryi Mauney
Date: 2001-06-01 11:41:00 UTC
Subject: Still need some help on my babies toe.


I wrote in FHL# 208 about Nozy's toe possibly being broken. I
am still needing a little help in this situation. Just a breif
overview: She got under the couch and when I tilted it forward
she screamed. I noticed her toe was swollen and bruised on the
bottom. The first day she couldn't bend it. Now, it is still
swollen but, she can bend it and does not show any signs of
pain. Do I need to take her to the vet or is there anything
they can do about a broken toe?

My other question was about Streaker, she is a blaze, 4 months
old. She has recently gained weight and I can see things that
look like bruises on her belly. I am guessing they could be
veins. She is acting fine and has had no trauma. Just need
some posible answers to what this could be.

Thank you.

Maryi, Streaker & Nozy