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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-06-01 20:23:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Help with infected ferret toe

Dianna wrote:
> Don't know if you remember I am the one that had the accidental miss
>with the clippers and my Gingers nail got pulled out ? Well it looks like
>there is a partial nail, but it looks like it is infected, the toe is
>swollen and red and the pad is slightly peeling. I would think it would be
>painful, but she only has a problem if you touch it. It looks like it needs
>to be I&D'ed, but I can't get to our regular fuzzie vet until at the
>earliest Tuesday because he is out of town and his associates are not so
versed with the ferts.

Infections are things on the other vet should be able to help. Have
you tried warm soaks with Xenodyne? Scooter had to have a lot of
those in conjunction with two antibiotics (one for aerobic bacteria
and one for anaerobic ones) in relation to a complication from tissue
retraction after one of his amputations. (He's the one who arrived
with the mutilated hand and has had surgeries for that.)