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From: E- Z Huston Jewell
Date: 2001-02-19 16:28:00 UTC
Subject: Monte Magic

Thanks for your input Christopher, The vet that I have now is a ferret
magician, if anything can help Mark can. I wouldnt put Monte on extra
Calcium without asking for bloodwork first. Mark and the xray
specialist are now trying to figure out if there are breaks in the jaw
or not. They are now thinking that perhaps, it could be an old trauma
and scare tissue is pushing the jaw out of alignment. Mark is going to
anesthetize him and pull the bad teeth and manually manipulate the jaw
to see what can be done to help and take some more xray views. Even
though this jaw is so off center, Monte doesnt appear to be painful, am
thankful for that. He is such a little hoot. I think it has been too
long since I have had a baby, I forgot how cute they were.

BTW, most of the skunkers hate scrambled eggs, we have tried and tried
to hide them in everything and those skunkers can weed them out, the
little bums.

Pockwockie Crossing