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From: FurTulsa
Date: 2001-06-01 14:03:00 UTC

Okay guys. I figured I would nip this before any rumors got started.
I just got off the phone with Janis Gianforte of the Nutri-pet company which
makes Nupro, and I have permission to qoute her.
Each batch of Nupro is made from freshly shipped natural ingredients. Each
ingredient is checked, doubled checked and physically tasted before mixing.
If you read the label you know they use no artifical perservatives,
flavorings or colors. These ingredients *would* have made each batch totally
identical. Because of THAT fact, there may be slight variations to color or
flavor during different seasons of the year.
Janis used the example that if you read the label on a bottle of the
Snapples all natural drinks, it says on there that there may be variations
due to seasons as well.
She assures me that no batches have ever gone out which did not meet their
personal requirements.
For those who don't know.... Nutri-pet is a small private business, not a
huge factory.... they are very caring and serious people about their
products and will stand behind them 100%.
She also said that if anyone is still worried or would like to ask them
about it themselves, you are more than welcome to contact them and they will
be happy to address any concerns.
Janis Gianforte
Nutri-Pet Research, Inc (Nupro)
Phone 1-800-360-3300