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Date: 2001-06-01 15:34:00 UTC
Subject: What food after surgery?

Hi everybody, my ferret Abby just had surgery for a suspected
blockage,(vomiting and not eating). They did x-rays which showed the
stomach was 3x as big as it should be. The vet next did a Barium Study
to see where she was blocked. Nothing was getting by the stomach! So the
vet did surgery, opened up the stomach and there was nothing in it,
closed that up and looked at the small intestine, about 2in. down it
there was a swollen lymgh node wrapped around the intestine constricting
it. The vet closed her up and gave Abby anti-nausea medicine to help
keep some food down. She said the lymgh node could be bacterial or
anything causing it, she's trying some medicine to shrink it. The vet
doesn't know if Abby will make it or not but if I do bring her home I
know they will tell me to feed her A/D canned food. I didn't know
if that was better for her or should I feed chicken baby food instead? I
assume she shouldn't have dry food because of the small space it has to
go through. If she gets better when can I feed her dry food again? I do
grind up Totally Ferret food,A/D,Nupro,chicken baby food, a little
Ferretvite, and water together for snacks once in a while. Would that be
good for her or to rough on her, if okay when should I start giving it
to her? I apologize for the long post but I want to be prepared and not
harm her with what she eats. Thanks to anybody that can answer me in
advance!!! Jenny and little Abby