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From: Fran Kennedy
Date: 2001-06-01 21:27:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Fractured leg bone

Hi Tiffany
Rascal is at home with us.He is caged most of the
I let him out twice a day for about 10 min. each just
so he doesn't get too unhappy about it all in light of
his injury.He is very upset if Jingles is out running
and he is not.The 10 min. breaks seem to satisfy him.
He is using his leg at times and there doresn't seem
to be any nerve damage since he flexes his toes.His
appetite is great and we think in about six weeks time
he'll be back to himself.The only options were to
plate it @ $1000. or let him heal.The vet thinks he
will have 50% use of the leg and it is better than
When I get this film done i'll scan some pics.
We added a young female to the family yesterday.
I had phoned the pound to report Rascal missing in
case anyone around found him.They called thinking they
had found him.I told them he had returned but I would
adopt her.Turned out she can't be more than 4 months
nobody had even called looking for her.She was very
shakey yesterday but now seems to be fitting right in
and is losing the nervousness.But this is the irst
time I've heard a ferret hiss.Rascal Jingles and
Bandit never did.
Thanks for asking about "this big guy" Tiffany,I am so
relieved he is doing so well so far.
Fran,Rascal,Jingles and Emily? (still thinking on this
--- TR1212@A... wrote:
> Fran,
> Can you agree on a payment plan with the vet? Or put
> it on a credit card?
> Where is Rascal now with his fractured leg? I'm sick
> this is happening! Let
> us know what is going on.
> Tiffany, Larry, Cindy, Slinky and Oscar
> Also, what other options is the vet giving you?

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