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Date: 2001-06-01 22:19:00 UTC
Subject: Cysts

An individual on the FML list serve suggested my question be posted
here, so here it comes. One of our ferrets had a clear water cyst on
her neck which was about 1/4 inch long and may be 1/8th inch high.
The vet aspirated the cyst and the bump went down totally. The vet
said "a cyst can be genetic and if so, the ferret would be more prone
to getting more" and also, the cyst could be from an ingrown hair.
Eleven days after having the cyst aspirated, another cyst
appeared which was about 1/8th inch from the original cyst and looked
very similiar to the old cyst. BIGs archives only showed 24 related
issues concerning cysts in 6 years, which tells me they are not too
common. Would anyone suggest we wait awhile until the cyst grows or
should we try to aspirate it now? From the information obtained,
cysts are not a life or death issue and doesn't need to me removed. In
touching the cyst, my determination is, she is uncomfortable with me
touching her cyst. Since the ferrets bite her in this area, would
also assume this could be irritating to her, any suggestions?