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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-06-02 00:22:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Bladder Infection

>I have a male ferret, Teddy Bear, who has a history of bladder infection
>running 2 yrs. He is 5 yrs of age. He has floaters in urine, some blood.
> No crystals. We just did a round of Clavamox and he started straining again
>just as I finishing his doses. He has gone back to my vet and is being
>flushed again. We are going to try Baytril. My vet feels that this may be
>our last ditch effort. I'm looking at having to have him put to sleep if
>there are no other options. tle knows Teddy Bear as he is one of her
>Fredonia rescues.
>Please let me know if we may be overlooking anything.
>Terry McLaren

Many of us remember that the Fredonia rescues have been prone to a
lot of problems. Certain backyard breeders...

Anyway, I suspect it's been investigated though it may have been
missed among all the Fredonia-failure-to-thrive cases, but have you
thought about the possibility of something like an adrenal growth
with a prostate complication possibly underlying this?