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From: Bill Boineau
Date: 2001-06-02 02:57:00 UTC
Subject: Oliver/will enzymes help?

Hopefully you will all remember my past several posts regarding Oliver and
his many problems. Here is a summary. Oliver is currently on depo lupron 1x
month, epogen 1x week (will check blood in 2 weeks to see if anemia problem
is okay), flutimide for enlarged prostate 2x daily, zantac 2x daily for
nausea/ulcers, metamucil 1x daily, cepha drops 2x (low dose) daily and pred
(low dose) 1x daily. I syringe feed him daily with a/d, wet and dry food for
kidney problems and water. I have increased the amount of water to keep him
flushed so his urine does not become concentrated and unable to pee. Thus
his problem and my question. Oliver plugged up a week ago and had to have
his urine removed via needle and being expressed. They did a culture test on
the urine and it came back with a lot of red and white cells and sluffing
(?) from his prostate and bladder, no sign of bacterial infection. My vet is
suggesting enzymes and maybe something called joint saver, my understanding
is this would help reduce the sluffing? Does anyone have experience with
enzymes, etc.. I would appreciate any info. TIA Deidre - and Oliver!