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From: estellejackson
Date: 2001-06-02 07:27:00 UTC
Subject: [Ferret-Health-list] Bladder Infection

Culture and Sensitivity urine analysis should always be the
first rout to take, but on the offchance that there is little
or no bacteria evident there is a known condition refered to
as 'Idiopathic cystitis'. In the blabber there is aprotective
layer called a GAG layer. If this is not present then the
urine scalds the bladder causing it to bleed. This is
treatable with capsules called Cystaid ( N-Acetyl
Glucosamine) The dose is one capsule per 2.25KG given daily
for 2 to 4 weeks , then maintained on this dose given every
other day
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Sent: Friday, June 01, 2001 1:43 PM

I have a male ferret, Teddy Bear, who has a history of
bladder infection
running 2 yrs. He is 5 yrs of age. He has floaters in
urine, some blood.
No crystals. We just did a round of Clavamox and he
started straining again
just as I finishing his doses. He has gone back to my vet
and is being
flushed again. We are going to try Baytril. My vet feels
that this may be
our last ditch effort. I'm looking at having to have him put
to sleep if
there are no other options. tle knows Teddy Bear as he is
one of her
Fredonia rescues.
Please let me know if we may be overlooking anything.
Terry McLaren

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