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Date: 2001-06-02 08:57:00 UTC
Subject: Teddy Bear/Bladder Infection

Thank You all for all of your input. I am definately going to talk
to my vet again. I ran off some articles on adrenal and protate
problems. They are always more than happy when I bring info to them.
Teddy shows no outward signs of adrenal problems, always has had a
thick full coat. He is however very aggressive. I feed a mix of
Ferret Store food, 8 in 1 Ultimate, Totally Ferret with a little
Thank You all for your help. I am extremely glad I joined this list.
It just wasn't making any sense to me to be thinking about putting
Teddy down for an infection. I have 18 ferrets and this is the first
I've encountered this particular problem.
Thanks again