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From: Kris McDevitt
Date: 2001-06-02 16:40:00 UTC
Subject: Post surgury advice

My baby had exploratory surgury Thursday so biopies could be
done to diagnos his problem. His is a year old male MF albino
that has had seedy stool since I got him last July and has
repeated episodes of violent vomiting and bloody mucous stool
every 6-8 weeks since December.

After surgury I was told by my vet to only feed him soft food
for the next 3-5 days. I have been giving him Gerber stage 2
chicken, turkey or ham baby food every 4 hours since he came
home. This morning he had another episode of vomiting and
bloody stool right after he ate. My ferret vet is off today
and when her office called her about this she told them to
have me bring him in for fluids immediately. He is resting ok
now but I was so worried he would hurt his incision and
biopsied areas while going through the violent attack.

My vet thinks he has proliferative colitis or eosinophilic
gastroeneritis, which is why we did the biopsies. We wont get
the results back until next week. After reading all the
information I could find here and elsewhere on the net on
these diseases I am wondering if the baby food could be the
trigger/allergy that is setting of these episodes.

Like I mentioned it usually happens every 6-8 weeks but he
just had an episode last Wednesday so it has only been 1 1/2
weeks this time. I usually gave him a little baby food 1- 2 X
a day before this as a treat and because of the poorly
digested seedy stools from dry food (MF brand and kitten food
mixed). He has only had baby food since Thursday since that
is what my vet ok'd as his soft diet for now.

I won't be able to talk to her until Monday about this so I
was hoping someone else could advise me if there could be a
problem with the baby food and suggest another soft diet I can

Dawn & Spike