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From: Shirley Hewett
Date: 2001-06-02 22:25:00 UTC
Subject: cooling ferrets

All of the folk who answered the question about how to keep
ferrets cool during hot weather pretty well covered it, but
there is one thing I would like to add. Ferrets do not sweat
or effectively pant, so a fan does nothing to cool them. I
have had my share of phone calls from distressed ferret owners
who have come home from work to find their ferret(s) dead of
the heat "even though the fan was on". The coolness we feel
from a fan is caused by the air movement speeding the
evaporation of our perspiration and doesn't work for a ferret.
In fact, hot air may be blown into an otherwise relatively
cool, insulated area making the situation worse.
I hope you stay cool this summer while I sew extra sleep sacks
and other bedding in preparation for a cold (comparatively)
Perth winter.
Love & Dooks