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From: Kim King-Biddle
Date: 2001-06-03 04:42:00 UTC
Subject: sick ferret

My ferret rescently ate some spanish peanuts..this must of made her ill
right away...she must have thrown up for about 24 hours and got really
dehydrated in this time ..when I noticed this she had started to stiffen
and get sieziers in the rear legs .. I also noticed her tummy was bloated a
little ..... I took her to the emergency vet right away..the vet said that
they didnt know much about ferrets .and put her on I. V fluids .so I am
wanting to know if there is anything else to look for or do for her besides
rehydrating her with I. V fluids.... I dont want to loose her if
possible.... thanks for any info .... Kimberly
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