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From: Ulrike
Date: 2001-06-03 09:58:00 UTC
Subject: Melatonin query, question for Dr Murray or anybody

Hi Mike

Thank you for your reply. In the meantime I had a really good idea and
searched the archives! ;-) Saw an article that Dr Murray had posted...

<<I believe you can get melatonin in just about any health food store. I'm
sure they have those even in Germany! I couldn't say whether or not Lupron
is available across the pond, but it seems likely it is.>>

Melatonin is not available in Germany or here in the UK... America doesn't
even ship Melatonin to Germany... The lady I'm writing to has tried getting
Melatonin but couldn't even get it from America... It may be available as a
prescription only medicine but I'm not sure, I don't think you can get it at
all... I was wondering, what is the generic name of Lupron? Or is it just
known as Lupron? Maybe if the drug has a generic name, it may be known in
Germany or here but maybe it's not called Lupron over here?

Now a question for Dr Murray as he posted an article about Melatonin at the
end of March...

<<They also followed the blood hormone levels and ultrasounded the adrenal
glands to monitor the size of the adrenal glands. The hormones were indeed
reduced for the first several months, but with time they started to go back

Okay, so Melatonin reduces the hormones for sort of 4 months and then the
hormones go back up... What do you do when the hormones go up and symptoms
come back? Can you increase the dosage of melatonin?

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