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From: Wendy Briggs
Date: 2001-06-03 12:58:00 UTC
Subject: Extendeded Prednisone use..and maybe proglycem

My 7year old female..Zoey..has had insulinoma for 1 1/2 yrs
now. Is doing very well on prednisone and proglycem. Fur is
beautiful..poops fine...playful..and eating well. Now for my
question. I too am on prednisone for extended time and my
protocol that come with my prescription states extended use
cause calcium to be leeched..therefore I am on medication to
counteract this. Does this also apply to ferrets? Zoey has
been on so long. and will be until she dies. Is calcium loss
a problem for her therefore resulting in broken bones?
Prednisone apparently also leeches potassium. Just wondering
if I should be concerned about this for my lovey girl. Of
course us hoomans can eat bananas and take calcium supplements
like I do. thank you very much for any advicde. Wendy