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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-06-03 17:28:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Post surgury advice

>My vet thinks he has proliferative colitis or eosinophilic
>gastroeneritis, which is why we did the biopsies. We wont get the
>results back until next week. After reading all the information I
>could find here and elsewhere on the net on these diseases I am
>wondering if the baby food could be the trigger/allergy that is
>setting of these episodes.

Have you considered trying a different baby food in case there is a
sensitivity or allergy? If you have been giving chicken try a
different poultry, or go even further afield at first and try a
mammal one like beef or lamb. I certainly have read of ferrets who
simply didn't tolerate certain flesh foods but worked out fine on
alternative ones. Give it a try, keeping in mind that their tastes
vary, too, so you might want to buy a few alternative, and may have
to start the ferret by mixing it with warm water and smearing some on
the lips, then finger-feed till the ferret is gung-ho.
Alternatively, there is a/d.

A question: is he prone to over-eating at one sitting? We have one
who has small intestinal damage who has to eat many small meals and
if she eats too fast or too much it all comes up, and there is a risk
of damage to her from large meals. Glueball, on the other hand seems
like the reincarnation of an ancient Roman aristocrat who favored
Bacchaneals (sp?). When presented with a favorite that she does not
get daily Glueball will eat till she vomits and them go back for
more. We have to physically remove her from food in such situations.